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The self-publishing industry is still minefield for indie authors.
You need to look out for:
  • Fake publishers that charge you to publish your book
  • Publishers that take ownership of your copyright
  • Sales funnels that don’t work
  • Marketing companies that don’t perform
  • Management of all of your social media properties at once
  • Doing as much direct promotion of your book as you can
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All while trying to launch your writing career!
Do you want to side step the mistakes and get right down to publishing a book that will sell?
That people will want to read and recommend to their friends?
That you can be proud to promote?
A tiny percentage of self-published authors become bestsellers, but those who do, have all invested 
themselves in finding out what works online, and what doesn’t.
During this educational 5 day short course, you’ll learn
  • 5 little-known tips that drastically improve your shot at becoming a bestselling writer
  • Tips that will drastically increase your sales on launch
  • Insider knowledge from a bestselling author of dozens of books online
  • The secret to becoming a truly successful and widely read author
With this knowledge you’ll be better positioned to create, self-publish and sell a book that will do well in an extremely competitive market. Don’t forget – you’re not just the author when you self-publish, but the marketer as well. You may have to step into a lot of uncomfortable roles to make this venture work.
In less than 2 minutes a day, you can invest your time learning an uncommon tip that will give you the edge when it comes to e-book sales. If you’re serious about selling of course!
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